…and in the back of my mind all i could fathom was how much i was going to miss him, but just because im crying dont mean that i’m the victim, just means i was scared to let him go because some other chick might get him, and that was my fault because it was my decision, i should have never put my ♥ in my minds position… but i couldn’t shake him he was like a bad habit and all this for a person who was just average doing average people shit like talking out the side of his neck and thinking with his dick. but i must admit he was the one i wanted to commit, so either i wasn’t living up to my potential or i was just the average chick. but i choose to believe i was a woman caught up in a feeling both physical and emotional who was way too willing to give her all to a man and though it may sound stupid, guess what—i would do it all again, just next time for my husband and not that person i call a friend.




there will always be someone or something that will try to bring down your happiness, and yes, at times they may succeed. but we must realize that happiness is not constant, and we must understand that happiness and joy are not the same. instead of looking for external things to provide happiness in our lives, we must strive to find the joy within. joy is long lasting; it is something greater than you and i; it is an attitude that can’t be affected by the things that happen to us… when we find ourselves to be unhappy, it is joy that brings us peace in the middle of a storm.

damn. they don’t mess around.

damn. they don’t mess around.


a token of affection, a step in that direction
‘cause love is about progress not perfection

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it’s never too late to make a change

I realize that I’ve made many choices that led to a path unwanted. Little did I know how greatly it was going to affect me and shape me into the person that I am today. I look back and accept, never regret. I often think about that road not taken, and wonder what could have been. And i look at the path I chose, and wonder what will be… But I know I’ll never know the answer and I must see life as what is. We miss opportunities and make mistakes, but it’s our choice to decide whether we fall from it, or learn from it. It’s never too late to make a change, and there’s no better time than the present.